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Are you talkin' to me?

When your director is working with the chorus and he says things like: triplet, glottal stroke, migration, or decrescendo, do you know what he is saying? It's important. If it weren't he wouldn't be saying it. We all spend such little time in front of our chorus directors and quartet coaches that every moment becomes extremely valuable. We owe it to ourselves, our fellow chorus members, directors and coaches and, above all, our listeners to optimize that experience the best way we know how. This will provide the shortest possible path to an optimum performance. With a little work on our own time alone, away from the rest of the chorus, we can optimize that time even further! One easy way is to get to know and speak the same language.

Here you will learn the language of music and singing from A to Z. Take these words with you and share them with your singing friends and you will better understand and communicate the language of song!

Definitions from:

Essential Dictionary of Music by Lindsey Harnsberger
Alfred Publishing (Book #: 16636)

Sound for Ensemble Singing available from
BHS Harmony Marketplace at 800-876-SING (Stock #4086).